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We design, deliver, and maintain any solar power system project.

Engineering and Technology

As a project developer and investor in your solar project, you face many choices and problems throughout the project. While steps and milestones are similar for developing solar projects, each project is unique in terms of constraints, time lines, and the specific plan to develop it. 

At BEPL Energy, we provide our Clients a full scope of engineering and development advisory services. We apply our project development, engineering, and execution experience to each project, from project inception till completion. Working with you, we fine the most linear path to project completion, while meeting quality, time, and cost stipulations. 

Design Engineering

Our technology agnostic approach helps us in ensuring the best use of components that in turn ensures long lasting and better performing solar projects. We have tested technical experience, agreements with local and global companies; complete understanding of vendors, supply groups, economic resources, and a skilled, highly motivated team to tackle international as well as national solar photovoltaic Projects. As a result we have built more than multi- MW's of grid connected solar PV plants, which are performing at or exceeding the energy generation estimates.

Project Performance Diagnostics

Project Performance DiagnosticsIf you have an operating / under installation plant, which you believe needs to be reviewed for performance, we can help.

Solar PV plants face numerous challenges pre/post commissioning which may decrease total energy output of the plant. BEPL Energy can perform site auditing for your existing solar PV plant, helping you to get complete information and desired output from your plant.  

We use best-in-class performance optimization and diagnostic tools to assess your plant's performance with various benchmarks, which helps us to analyze and monitor the entire performance of solar PV plant. SSE team expertise and deep knowledge along with the diagnostic tool helps us to 

    Project Performance Diagnostics
  • Review Drawings
  • Review Expected Performance
  • Expected vs Actual Performance Analysis, of panels, strings and the whole plant
  • On- Site Detailed Audit of Plant Design and Performance
  • Recommend Improvement in Plant Performance & Financial Returns

Owner's Engineer

We work with developers/banks and financial institutions to deliver the most technically sound and financially successful projects to our clients. Together BEPL’s technical knowledge and world class equipment helps to provide unique insights regarding issues that are critical for a project’s success.

We provide complete technical and financial guidance starting from inception of the project till its commissioning. 


Few selected services include:

  • Design Phase
    • Review of EPC  Contraction Work
    • Recommendations/Suggestions on Design
    • Review of Contract

  • Execution Phase
    • Periodic visits to site during excavation to report on Work Status , Progress, Quality  and Adherence Design
    • Representation of Client on Site during Commissioning
    • Validation of Final Documentation of Site “ As Built”

Feasibility Analysis

We take the time to conduct an exhaustive conceptualization study to ensure best solutions for the proposed Project. A site visit is conducted by our design team who analyze:

  • Existing Infrastructure
  • Site Issues (Ground obstructions, Drainage Issues), Environmental Factors along with Roof material and Roof Life for a roof mounted system
  • Space availability for system installation and balance of system
  • Shading
  • Construction
  • Logistics