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Institutions and Industries

Personalized Expertise

At the core of our approach towards creating and catering solar solutions is our relationship with you. As an Institution / Industry, we understand your constraints on budgets, and the need to be efficient in terms of utilizing your teams, operational costs, and allocating capital. Each time your electricity grid-connection goes off due to load-shedding, and each time your Diesel Generator (DG) set has to be turned on, your organization goes through losses in efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness.

We not only believe that solar can be the right solution for most of your needs, we custom-engineer each solution keeping the uniqueness of your site, your conditions in mind. Each time we design a solution for you, we also leverage our global solar project experience, and wherever appropriate, the latest advances in technology, the latest installation techniques and system topologies.

Your PV systems can be installed on rooftops and/or on the ground wherever unobstructed sunshine at an appropriate angle is available. Although simple in concept, creating best value for our clients requires careful optimization to maximize energy production and reliability, as well as careful design, sourcing and execution to minimize levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

Being technology agnostic, we work with multiple solar PV technologies including crystalline silicon and thin film. Unlike panel and component manufacturers who insist on selling you their specific technology, we work with a variety of technologies and brands to bring you the custom solution best suited for your requirement.

 We deploy a team of experienced professionals on site, with a dedicated and seasoned project manager to oversee the entire process. We train and work with disciplined professionals of high caliber, people with whom we work on a repeated basis to ensure quality and reliability.

In summary, our innovative approach, experience and expertise ensure that our projects are completed within budget and on schedule, meeting or exceeding performance expectations. We believe in staying true to our motto of being solar from the core.