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We design, deliver, and maintain any solar power system project.

Management Team

BEPL Energy is a dynamic, fast growing company that focuses on development, design, engineering and turnkey installation of solar energy projects for commercial, industrial, agricultural, utility and government sectors. Our team is committed to driving solar industry innovation, reliability and cost reduction through expertise based, lifecycle focused scale photovoltaic system implementation.


Sri Sanjeev Bandaru Founder, CEO

BEPL INDIA develops , manufactures, and delivers the worlds best most reliable and cost effective renewable energy solutions. Bandaru sri sanjeev having conceptual analysis of solar energy developments , he completed his MBA in london for the business development in the field of renewable sector. we are the best friendly and ecoefficently natural clean energy organization

we offer clean and green power for every application and market from off grid systems to homes, to commercial, to industrial and Megawatt scale solar power solutions for better unique solution end to end.


Rakesh Tatineni Director

We are a professionally managed company providing comprehensive technical expertise for effective solar photo voltaic system integration.

Rakesh Tatineni having his commitment towards the advancement of the organization deals, promoting and organization exercises, he holds Master of Science degree in Construction Management and had an exhaustive learn about solar power in Stevens Institute of Technology USA.