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Project Development

Revenue Sources for Non-Captive Solar Project Development.

Revenue Sources for Non-Captive Solar Project Development.

Project Development

The early stages of project development includes some of the following basic yet very important phases

Land Development

If you have your own land, BEPL can help you qualify and pre-assess the land towards feasibility for solar projects, both technically and commercially. BEPL can help you complete the development by taking up and completing the remaining steps on a collaborative basis. These steps may include re-categorization and environmental clearances, as well as supplemental fund-raising, and of course, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services.

If you are looking to acquire land, we can help you identify the right states and locations with good combination of conversion and clearance timelines, solar resources and other project feasibility characteristics, and land cost. We work with land experts in all the key states, and can complete the development for you in short timelines.

For suitable rooftops, we may be able to help you monetize the rooftop. The specific financial structure through which your rooftop can host a solar power plant will vary by location, but our experience of developing and installing solar projects on rooftops, both in India and abroad, will ensure that your rooftop system is developed and installed as per global best practices.


BEPL can assist you in the entire bidding and development process, from land and rooftop development as described elsewhere on this site, to all liaisoning needed to complete the project.

For your grid-connected projects, we support you with all the liaising at different levels of government for environmental and financial clearances including necessary documentation to be submitted, support your funding process with banks and other financial institutions, and help you avail subsidies and other incentives.

For your off-grid projects, as an MNRE-empanelled System Integrator, we directly obtain and pass through subsidies to you. You will only be required to pay the non-subsidy amount to us. For the non-subsidy portion if you choose to apply for financing, we will fully support your application process through technical documentation, project report preparation, and other means.


Financing solar projects involves meeting many challenges similar to other infrastructure projects such as power plants and real estate developments etc, such as high up front capital cost, multi-year project lifetimes, availing government incentives etc.

BEPL supports its Clients with all types of financing


As an MNRE-empanelled Channel Partner, BEPL helps its Off-Grid customers directly avail the 30% capital subsidy currently offered by MNRE.


For Off-Grid projects, BEPL helps its clients prepare technical and commercial documentation to raise commercial loan to help pay for the projects

For Grid-Connected projects, BEPL can help with sourcing low-cost international debt, as well as Indian debt from Indian banks and Financial Institutions (FI's), both PSU's and Private.


For Grid-Connected projects, if you have a rooftop or barren land that you are looking to develop through a solar project, please reach out to BEPL. BEPL can, in partnership with you, source the equity capital needed to develop your solar project, and realize your dreams.