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Our Services

BEPL Offers Complete Set Of Services From feasibility to commissioning and beyond to help enhance the value of your solar system.


We will help you in making the right decisions towards better environmental and financial results

Design Engineering

We Design Solar Power Plants and ensure highest yield through lifecycle of plant


Solar Sourcing works as your outsourcing partner to find, source, and strategically manage your entire solar module.


With our endless pursuit to work with the industry's finest, we will assist you in choosing the best fit for your project goals

Operations & Maintenance

We will help you achieve maximum returns from your Solar Plant by optimizing your solar production

Turnkey Solutions

Our end goal is to provide you a solution which reduces cost and optimises efficiency throughout the project



Installation of solar power plant has become more easy for affordable with time .

Advantages :

 Generate your own electricity.

 Secure investment and Quick returns.

 Government support by providing 40% subsidy.

 Residential welfare associations,Group housing societies and appartments also come under this subsidy scheme.

 In more than 25 states SE can be fed back to the grid to eliminate the need of storage system.


The tarrif charged to commercial establishment in india are higher than other consumers added to that the tarrif is being increased with morethan 25% in the last three years Cost of unit generated from solar energy is much lower than the grid tarrif. BEPL will provide you a high quality & long lasting solutions that is pocket friendly..

Advantages :

 Power from sun is absolutely free.

 Reduces power bills drastically.


Industries have the highest power requirement & highest power consumption, it keep growing every year. The only best solution in solar is a free & clean source of energy. BEPL takes pride to say that we are the biggest solar rooftop installers in south India & stand 5th in India. To install a solar power plant on a single rooftop there are two methods.

Methods :


 Open Access


BEPL has also ventured into this segment and has a vast experience in institutional sector.However the excess amount of energy that is generated can be fed back to the grid to eliminate the need of storage systems using net metering. We had setup solar power plants for institutions like HPS,Indus ,PSR educational society,Vishwa Bharathi ES etc.