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We design, deliver, and maintain any solar power system project.

Turnkey EPC

Turnkey EPC
  • Site Assessment
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financing Support
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Performance Optimization
  • Detailed Design & Engineering
  • Procurement as per Design
  • Installation
  • Commissioning

We prefer to execute your solar project on a “Turnkey” basis, assuming complete responsibility for detailed engineering, supply, start up and connection to your loads and power system. After commissioning and testing, we  turn the solar power plant to the operation and maintenance team. Our sound understanding of solar technology, track record and extensive network allow us to deliver projects with globally benchmarked solar design & execution, within stipulated timeframes and cost, creating lifelong assets for your benefit.

Delivering solar power plant assets that last you a lifetime, takes careful design, planning & execution. We take into account a large number of variables including site conditions, supply chain and market conditions, and the customers' specific financial and institutional needs. During execution, our trained personnel are on site to ensure that the plant is built as designed, and that on-site mobilization, equipment delivery, installation and commissioning goes as planned.

We also offer our clients complete Operation & Maintenance service at par with global standards, ensuring high performance ratios, which in turn enable our Clients to get maximum returns on projects over system lifetimes. 

Approaches to Use Solar

Off-Grid Projects

Off grid systems are stand alone systems which are independent of the grid and are used for captive consumption. These generally require batteries to store energy, and power  "dedicated" electrical loads. These systems are mostly used for areas where there is no grid availability or frequent electricity cuts.

For off grid systems, the Indian government under JNNSM policy, provides a 30% capital subsidy. As a ministry empaneled MNRE channel partner, BEPL Energy can avail subsidy directly from the Central government for you, ensuring that you only pay the non-subsidy component of the system price. Business Models for off-grid projects are

  • Self Investment- Captive Use
  • Loan- Captive Use
  • PPA- Captive Use

To discuss your specific requirement further, please contact us.

Grid Connected Projects

Grid connected systems (kW to MW sized) are power plants which are directly connected and synchronized to the utility grid. These systems do not have batteries. Any surplus power generated is fed back into the grid.
Central and State level support and long term policy framework is creating a market for solar electricity. Certain business models under which you can undertake grid connected projects include:

  • Invest, Own, Sell Power to Electricity Board
  • Invest, Own, Sell Power and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to Third Parties
  • Provide Land and Rooftop to the above Investors

For further details, please contact us.

Water Pump

Water pumping is a huge and increasing requirement in India, for irrigation, drinking, and industrial water uses.

Water for Irrigation: Agriculture, in addition to being a major source of livelihood for Indians, is critical to India's food security, and therefore future aspirations and ambitions. In the face of ballooning demand for food grain in India (expected to double by 2050), the supply of net cultivated area is more or less constant, at about 143 million hectare (m ha), as there simply is not enough land that is available for cropping.

Therefore, India is faced with a significant challenge of growing its agricultural yield, nearly doubling yield by 2050. Food security for India will be intimately linked to improving agricultural yield. Water availability is a critical constraint in growing agricultural yield. Only about 80 m ha out of 143 are currently irrigated. It is essential that the irrigated area grow to include all or most of the arable area of 143 m ha.

BEPL has experience and relationships with Indian and global vendors of water pumping solutions, and can help you install the right system for your requirements. Please approach us using our contact details for further information.